Privacy-first, carbon conscious
web analytics

No cookies No cookies or consent banners
Faster lighter Faster, lighter and greener
No ad networks No data sharing or ad networks
Privacy compliant Compliant with all privacy laws

Screenshot of Cabin - Privacy-first, carbon conscious web analytics dashboard

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People, privacy and planet positive analytics.

Cabin is built on privacy-by-design principles. It is impossible for us, or anyone else, to identify an individual visitor because of the way data is collected and stored. Visitor data is 100% anonymous and compliant with every single privacy law around the world. We never store IP addresses, unique identifiers or browser fingerprints.

Anonymity is baked into Cabin - not just through end-to-end encryption, but through the design of our unique data model.

Goodbye cookies

By removing cookies, Cabin protects your visitors from the get-go. Privacy isn't a choice, it's on by default. No more opt-outs and ad blockers mean more accurate analytics compared to other services.

Goodbye ad networks

We don't share data with advertisers or 3rd parties, and we never will. In fact, our data is stored in a way that makes it useless to advertising networks. Cabin is specifically designed to prevent targeting.

Lightweight and fast

Cabin's script is 22× smaller than Google Analytics, and loads twice as fast. This saves terabytes of data transfers per month. It also uses a fraction of the energy required to run, making our analytics one of the greenest around.


We've chosen sustainable cloud infrastructure that allows 100% of our electricity consumption to be matched with renewable energy. We've also reduced our electricity usage by meticulously optimising our compute footprint and leveraging resource-saving serverless technologies.

Track your carbon footprint

Cabin helps you improve your website's carbon footprint by measuring each page's CO₂ usage over time. We highlight high energy-consuming pages and provide insights and improvements to be made. How green is your website?

Beautiful dashboard

Our dashboard is clear and concise, no training is required. Crafted by the team at Normally, it is fast to load and packed with features:

Unlimited DomainsUnlimited Visitors*Custom EventsUTM CampaignsCarbon TrackingAttention TrackingTweet TrackingEmail ReportsCustom DomainsPublic DashboardsHosted Privacy PagesExport DataEnd-to-end EncryptionCountriesLanguagesDevicesScreen SizesBrowsersOperating Systems

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