Privacy Policy

Cabin is a service that is designed, built and operated by Normally, a UK-based research and design studio. Any information that you share with Normally will be used solely for the purposes of running Cabin, and we will not share your data with parties other than those directly related to the delivery of this service.

This Privacy Policy explains how Cabin handles data associated with registered users of the service ("User Data"). When Cabin is used to capture data relating to visitors to a website ("Traffic Data"), this data is securely stored in a unique data structure making it completely anonymous. This type of data is therefore outside the scope of this Privacy Policy.  For more information on how we handle Traffic Data see the Terms of Service.


  • Public Users If you are just browsing the Cabin website, then you can rest assured that we are not capturing any personally identifiable information about you. The only tracking tool used on Cabin is Cabin itself. For more information on how this works see the Documentation section.

  • Beta Users We are committed to extending the Cabin service and distributing this to as many people as possible. We released the service to a small group of users for initial user testing and feedback. Information supplied to Normally during this period will only be used to contact you with an invitation to use the Cabin service.

  • Users When you receive an invitation to use Cabin then you will be asked to submit some further information that will be used to deliver a personalised experience. When completing the relevant forms, you will be asked to accept our Terms Of Service, and you will be given some choices for how you would like us to contact you with different types of communication, including:

    • Primary system messages Messages that are necessary for the operational aspects of the Cabin service (e.g. email confirmations, password reminders, etc). These messages are automatically generated by the Cabin software and sent to you by email. You are providing your consent for us to contact you with these types of messages by accepting the Terms Of Service.

    • Email reports Periodic summaries of your website traffic are automatically generated by the Cabin software and sent to you by email. You can switch these message types on or off at any time by logging into your account and changing the settings for each domain.

    • Cabin News We would also like to keep you up to date with the progress that we are making with Cabin. It is likely that this will be done using a 3rd party service such as Mailchimp (although we haven't actually decided on that yet!) which will require us to share your name and email address with that service. We will only contact you if we actually have something interesting to say. Although you're probably the best judge of that and you can choose to opt in or out of receiving this type of communication at any time by logging into your account and changing the setting in the Profile pages.

    • Paying Customers If you decide to sign up for a PRO account, then it will also be necessary to collect some payment information. Payments are processed by Stripe, and there will be no payment details collected or stored by Normally or the Cabin service itself.


We only use trusted 3rd party services that maintain the highest standards of security and privacy controls. These services currently include:

Note: where data is transferred between data processors in the UK, EU and USA, this is covered by the Privacy Shield Agreement and all data is encrypted in transit and at rest.


This Privacy Policy is focused on the data associated with registered users of the service ("User Data"). For more information on how long Traffic Data is stored see the Terms of Service.


At any point while we are in possession of or processing your data, you continue to have the rights to access, review, rectify, restrict, port, object or otherwise be forgotten. Tools are available for you to do this by logging into your account and making the relevant changes in the Profile pages.

If you have any questions or additional requests, then please contact us at, and we will work with you to resolve such requests within seven days.


We take the protection of your data very seriously, and we want to know if you have any concerns or complaints about how we handle it. Please let us know of any issues you may have so that we can deal with them for you.

If you are not happy with how we have handled your enquiry, you have the right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). Normally Ltd is registered with the ICO (registration number: ZA721247), and you will find their guidance on how to log a complaint here:

If you have any further questions, then please do feel free to contact us